Continental Engines

Take a look at some of the common Continental Engines we supply below.

200 Series

For decades, students taking to the air in training airplanes were introduced to the wonders of flight powered by the Continental® O-200. Continental’s O-200-D offers aircraft builders a certified and pedigreed engine that is lighter in weight without compromising performance, durability or service life.

  • O-200-A
  • IO-240-B
  • O-300-A
  • O-300-C
Continental 300 Series engine

360 Series

All 360s have six smooth-running cylinders and are fuel injected for outstanding efficiency and range. Among the newest 360 series designs by Continental® is the IO-360-AF (Alternative Fuel) developed for lower octane/unleaded fuels in international markets.

For the money, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value in the air.

  • IO-360-GB
  • IO-360-HB
  • IO-360-KB
  • IO-360-ES
  • TSIO-360-EB
  • TSIO-360-FB
  • TSIO-360-GB
  • TSIO-360-KB
  • TSIO-360-RB

470 Series

Ranging in output from 230 to 260 horsepower, the 470 engines come equipped with either a reliable carburetor or our extremely efficient continuous flow fuel injection system.

Confidence among pilots can be difficult to achieve, but if there was an award for one of the most trusted aircraft engines in the sky, the 470 series would win hands down. Just ask any pilot or owner of one.

  • O-470-K
  • O-470-L
  • O-470-R
  • O-470-S
  • O-470-U
  • IO-470-F
  • IO-470-L
  • IO-470-S

520 Series

Continental® introduced the first 520 series engine to the world in the Beechcraft® Bonanza and the Cessna® Centurion in 1964. The 520 series
includes 520 in3 models in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged configurations.

With the right combination of thrust and efficiency, the 520-series engines have powered some of the most successful aircraft in general aviation history and continues to deliver reliability and value to its owners.

  • IO-520-A
  • IO-520-BB
  • IO-520-CB
  • IO-520-D
  • IO-520-F
  • IO-520-L
  • IO-520-MB
  • TSIO-520-EB
  • TSIO-520-NB
  • TSIO-520-P
  • TSIO-520-R
  • TSIO-520-VB
  • GTSIO-520-M
  • GTSIO-520-L

550 Series

The 550 series includes 550 in3 models in either naturally aspirated or turbocharged configurations. With the right combination of thrust and efficiency, our 550-series engines are powering some of the most successful and high performing aircraft in general aviation history like the Cirrus® SR22T and Beechcraft® Baron/Bonanza, and Mooney®.

With a powerful range of 280 to 350 HP at 2500 to 2700 RPM, you’ll be glad you fly a 550.

  • IO-550-B
  • IO-550-C
  • IO-550-D
  • IO-550-F
  • IO-550-G
  • IO-550-L
  • IO-550-N
  • IO-550-P
  • TSIO-550-K

Continental Prime™ Certified IO-370 Engines

With a power output ranging from 180 to 195 HP, and the backing of our global factory support, you will enjoy performance and reliability levels only available with Prime™ engines.

All new engine, 100% new parts as a direct drop in replacement for IO-360-L2A engines installed in Cessna 172R (most S/Ns) and 172S models. Additional advantages include an exceptional engine warranty of 24 months or 2200hr TBO (whichever comes first) and many optional upgrades, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed at the best value.

  • IO-370-DA3A2B

We have many of these engines on stock order and some of them we will even have on the shelf.